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A Whole New Shopping Experience

How can brick and mortar shopping centers compete with sweeping ecommerce growth? Simple: bridge the gap between digital convenience and in-person gratification. Michigan Virtual Tour works to help retail shopping centers upstage their ecommerce counterparts by providing precision virtual tours to local area shoppers. We map the layout of stores and everything on their shelves, enabling customers to explore stores without ever leaving their homes. When it’s time to buy, they can make the short trip to pick up the products they’ve been looking at online.

In addition to individual stores, VPiX technology enables us to map entire malls and shopping centers, for a truly experiential look into real-world retail. View shops and food courts, see where your friends 'hang out', and walk through a busy shopping mall, without the crowds and from the comfort of your couch. Be immersed in a Virtual experience by utilizing VPiX virtual tours to market and advertise your store, special offers and events.