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Previewing Schools and Universities

Using VPiX virtual tours and 360° video, Michigan Virtual Tour rolls out the red carpet for schools, colleges and universities, and the students, faculty and guests attending them. Gone are boring and time-consuming slide shows showing building layouts and campus destinations. Now, visitors to your higher education destination can view the entire campus from the comfort of their home at any time.

VPiX technology enables students to walk the halls of their university, explore classrooms they might one day sit in and see all of the features of campus up close and in full detail. Virtual tours and complete mapping open the door for infinite benefits—from being able to plot the fastest course between classes, to finding parking and campus facilities. Students can leave campus maps and informative brochures behind as they pick up their smartphone or tablet for an interactive, engaging VPiX experience.
Cappex, a college search website, conducted a survey in which 30% of students polled said a virtual tour was a “must have” when evaluating schools.