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Hotel and Vacation Rentals

Vacation means indulging in luxuries and maximizing enjoyment. Often, people turn to hotels and resorts to help them get the most out of their time away. To make sure they’re lodging with you instead of the competition, it’s critical to highlight all of the amenities you’re able to provide to guests. VPiX outshines any written list of features and far exceeds any pictures—it gives guest the opportunity to tour your facilities as if they’re already enjoying them.

Michigan Virtual Tour leverages 360° video captures of your hotel or vacation resort to upsell your assets, enabling potential guests to tour your entire property with confidence before they book their stay. Entice guests to upgrade to nicer rooms, provide groups the ability to tour convention and meeting facilities, and highlight your property's best amenities—all with VPiX. Guests will know what they’re getting upfront, and you’ll have the opportunity to outshine the competition on every front.
A staggering 92% of internet users say the ability to view a 360-degree panorama of a hotel is essential when booking a room. In addition, venues with a virtual tour included are viewed 10x more on average than those without.