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Educational Hospital Tours

Having to visit a medical facility—from the neighborhood clinic to a multifaceted research hospital—can be an intimidating experience. VPiX can be used to educate, inform and help people as they face treatment for a medical condition. Michigan Virtual Tour puts medical facilities in perspective for visitors in a way that gives them all of the information they need to put their minds at ease.

When used within the medical field, 360° video captures have been proven to aid patients and gain trust, where there might otherwise be doubt. Immersive, full-scope video lets patients, concerned loved ones and even future employees walk through the hospitals and practices they’ll soon face, affording them a sense of comfort and familiarity for any future visit. From outpatient facilities to complex, pioneering medical research labs, VPiX is making modern medicine more accessible for everyone.
Numerous high-ranking hospitals and medical facilities around the country have implemented virtual tours to a hugely successful degree, including Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, Massachusetts General Hospital and Cleveland Clinic, among others.