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Cars 360°: Get Behind the Wheel

Before people buy cars, they want a full and complete experience of what they’re going to get. It’s why test drives, lot inspections and video research are so engrained in the purchasing process. But if a potential buyer can’t make it down to the lot, you might lose that sale, which is why it’s important to explore the many benefits of 360° car captures.

VPiX MotorStreet helps dealerships turbo-charge sluggish sales systems and shift their marketing into the fast lane. Michigan Virtual Tour is an authorized dealer for the VPiX MotorStreet 360 Marketing Platform, and it's just being rolled out in the DFW market. This powerful technology helps you give online customers an in-person experience, letting them explore a vehicle’s interior, sit in the driver’s seat for a test drive and inspect the car from top to bottom, all from the comfort of home. VPiX is the future of car sales.
Car buyers spend 59% of their time online researching. When asked about newer car buying alternatives, 54% said they would “love” being able to sell or buy a car from home.